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Well, i learned something new yesterday. I tried to create banners to my lightboxes, but i didn't knew, how to start. Then i started to search on the net and i found a webpage, unfortunately i don't know which site was. But i saved the i needed to make the banner.
I tell you how can you create lightbox banners as mine:

1. First you need to create a private or public lightbox on iStockPhoto. Here you can insert your preferred images, so anybody who find your lightbox, can see, what is your favorite and maybe it will be easier to choose.

2. After you have your lightbox, open it, and copy the ID number from the address bar. You will see something like this:

As you see, the ID is 8274773. Write it down, you will need this.

3. Now, you have to create an image in your favorite image editor program, and upload somewhere on a server. You can use free servers also, like Picassa, Flickr...etc. Copy the images URL, and paste into this script:

[url= t=_blank][img]http://your_uploaded_image_URL[/img][/url]

4. You have the script now, select the image you want, press Edit, and  insert into the description field. Save, and  enjoy your work :)
You can see the result here.

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